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Monday, November 13, 2006

The B-Man

Oh where do I start? I have always been interested in Ridgebacks since high school. I knew one day I wanted one. Well as life would have it- I got my chance. My dog walker/pet sitter mentioned that one of her clients was a rescuer for Ridgebacks. Having been dedicated to rescue for a few years, I could not imagine anything but a rescue dog. So I contacted Evelyn- went through the process from application to approval. I was selected to adopt Bacari. A 2 1/2 year old male Ridgeback who was rescued from a puppy mill. He had come into rescue completely scared of everything. Evelyn, his foster mom, worked wonders w/ him and he was coming along nicely. I was so blinded by the idea of finally owning a Ridgeback that I looked over the basketcase I brought home.

Any little thing sent this HUGE dog running into his crate, his tail never wagged, not even w/ food- what a silly dog! I had a huge job ahead of me- socializing a dog whose entire life until rescue had been filled w/ negative interactions w/ humans. I knew we had to start off on the right foot- obedience class was the first step. I enrolled Bacari, going the first night in a harness, collar and choke chain. He looked like P Diddy w/ all his gear on. The instructor mentioned that he would be unable to take the final exam in all that get-up. I responded that I was not here to pass a test, just get my dog comfortable enough to take the chains off. And soon enough Bacari was only on a lead/choke chain. he was the star of the class, minding beautifully. We passed w/ flying colors and then signed up for the next level. That too was a breeze for the B-Man- he loved it. There was a section of the ring that had mirrors where Bacari would trot around looking at himself - he seemed to finally see how handsome he was! That class ended as Bacari successfully completed his Canine Good Citizen certification. The person who administered the test wanted to take him home and insisted he go to the next level of obedience (which we have yet to do- life has gotten in the way)

Bacari has grown more confident as the days pass, he still loves visiting his foster home and seeing his friends there- but at the same time gets really excited when we come home- wagging tails, giving kisses, and of course the typical Ridgeback sniff of the rear. Recently he countersurfed for the first time- instead of being mad, I was overjoyed that he was sure enough of himself to take that loaf of bread off the countertop (I know you are all thinking why was the bread there anyway, well I am on year 2 w/ this dog and NO previous surfing)

I am hoping this blog will serve as a place where I can brag about my boy! And also I place where I can get ideas from others who have jumped into the exciting world of Ridgebacks w/ the added spice that only a rescue dog can bring!!

Amanda and Bacari


At 11/14/2006 5:27 PM, Blogger sibtigre2 said...

Amanda - You have done such a great job continuing his education! What a good boy he is!

At 12/01/2006 5:26 PM, Blogger Beth said...

A - You've taken time to post a wonderful, broad stroke picture of some of the very real challenges that come along with the adoption of some of the former puppymill dogs. Throw in the "can't help falling in love" part and it all seems to come into focus. Thank you for sharing with everyone and as we have more folks coming on board with this blog (and/or viewing it to get a taste of the rescued rr adoption world), I know the points you've touched on and emphasized will be very helpful. Bacari is a fine RR - hopefully I'll get to hook up with you both again when I am down Ev's way, it's been too long ; )


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