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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Weekend in FL

We just got home from our weekend in SUNNY (and still very steamy) Florida! RRUS was well represented w/ 2 former foster dogs and 2 current foster dogs attending the event. Everyone had a great time. Here are some pics of the pups after we got back-

Champ trying to take a nap between the camera flashes.

Logan exhausted after a day of lure coursing. Roadie just tired from watching all the dogs run!

The highlight of the weekend was a Mastiff named Batista who showed the sighthounds that they aren't the only dogs who can lure course. I wish I had a picture but I was too busy trying to get Logan to stop trying to chase the "bunny" w/ Batista.

It was a very fun weekend for both humans and dogs.


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