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Sunday, August 09, 2009

look at me I'm Stoney !!

Well look at me now 110 lbs and love to show off.. I was at the rodeo in July in Pa. an I was the biggest ridge back there. After all My forever home is a farm an I learned I can run an be free. I was the only rrus and my other family ridge is neutered too. An some of those breeder dogs was the 1st time I seen come near my Mom , I didn't know what I was going to do. So I puff my self up , held my head high an did my lion walk.. He cleared the way an strutted his stuff.. Stoney saw the lure coursing an ran like the wind made his 1st leg ... oh my !! We were not staying to do more - Being almost 9 years old in three months (needles to say I was shocked) !! Mostly afraid of the heat of the day an I know my boy was tired but ,not showing it there. Yes, he still Love's his sleep number bed .. Stoney was called the gentle gaint .. The name fits him well.. And hereing his story about his life put tears in eyes .. Just what I wanted to do- All our love to all ,


At 8/09/2009 6:55 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Stoney sounds like a true gem. I can't believe that he just kicked up the dirt and completed his first leg on the coursing field. AWESOME!!!

Your stories of Stoney are amazing and a true testament to the mission of RRUS.

See ya next year- I have already started to make arrangements for next year's rodeo so hopefully Stoney won't be the ONLY former RRUS dog there.

Thank you for sharing.
PS- Stoney looks stunning. Absolutely stunning.


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