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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My name is Michelle and I adopted Mack from rrus about a year ago. He came from a puppymill and has had some of the issues that dogs without good socializaton skills have. He was 6 months old when he came to me so for the most part he is pretty social. He likes people. He doesn't like going places by himself, without another dog. He hasn't figured out to tell me that he needs to go outside so I have to monitor him and get him out on a regular basis. He will wake me up at night to go outside but during the day he won't tell me. Mack has a bad heart. He had a bad heart murmur when we got him and that's why he ended up coming to me to be fostered. His first echocardiogram showed an aortic and pulmonic stenosis (the vessels leading from the heart) and left ventricular hypertrophy (the chamber that pumps the blood from the heart was enlarged because it has to work so hard against the aortic stenosis (too small of a tube) but they couldn't give me a prognosis with tat echo so when he was 18 months of age we redid it and the prognosis was bad. His heart was much worse than it was before. Mack will be 2 next month. He has no symptoms and runs and plays. He is a happy boy and I hope he stays that way until the end. He plays with the other dogs even they cranky old fart when he gets it in his head to play. Mack does well with other dogs. Most dogs don't want to play with the cranky old fart because he plays too rough. When Mack first got here he just sat and watched him until he figured out he was just playing and then he joined in and played with him. Pretty perceptive for a puppy.
Michelle, Scout, Safari, Mack and Cheese


At 11/14/2006 5:28 PM, Blogger sibtigre2 said...

Thank you for sharing Mack's story again. I remember when he came in with Mona but I had forgotten some of the stuff. What a lucky boy he is! May he be around for many many many more years!

At 12/01/2006 5:41 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Michelle brings to light a very common thread in the rescued mill dogs... while they learn that people are great (like Mack, he knew that right away - partly because he was still a pup and hadn't been stuck in a cage for years yet...he was such a sweetie during the time I got to know him when I helped with a portion of his rescue transport, he kept doing the london bridges thing under our legs during the pitstop!), they often times never get beyond the "pack mentality" and really feel uncomfortable going anywhere outside the home without another dog. As always, it is a case by case basis, but still a consideration and something to be mindful of.


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