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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gus is getting big!


We got Gus right after Christmas. He's now about 40 pounds @ almost 6 months. My 1 year old just started walking and Gus completely plows him down! I'll try and send pics if I can figure it out!
The bottom pic (if it works) is of Hyatt and Gus looking for their daddy and bros!


At 3/08/2008 12:14 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said...

The two will grow up together and be best of pals. That's wonderful!
Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

At 3/09/2008 4:08 PM, Blogger sibtigre2 said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Gus is adorable!!! (And so is Hyatt, of course!). I love the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing him with us!

At 3/10/2008 8:49 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

The picture of your son and Gus brought such smiles to our faces. Nothing like a boy and his dog. So glad you sent the pics in for us to enjoy


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