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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Members Only Dog Park

It was sunny on Saturday, after a few days of wet weather so Roadie was ready to play. So Roadie, Bacari and I headed to the dog park. After punching in the secret code that allows access to 2 acres of doggie heaven, we were greeted by quite a few other 4 legged friends. I let the boys off lead- Roadie immediately took off to meet everyone. To my surprise, Bacari was right behind him. Bacari has never had the courage to leave my side when at the dog park. I was so proud. He did not stay long- he was my shadow most of the day. He did walk up and greet a MAN- Bacari has issues w/ men . The man petted him and he returned to my side, looked up at me as if to ask, " I did it. Mom, did you see me?" In the meantime, Roadie is running around like a complete fool- playing w/ this little lab mix who looked like a speeding bullet.

Just another day w/ my boys- life is good when you share it w/ a Ridgeback or 2.


At 3/19/2007 3:55 AM, Blogger sibtigre2 said...

Wonderful! Yay Bacari!!! What a brave boy you are becoming! It looks like a lot of fun Amanda...maybe I need to look into taking Tori to one. She'd probably love it!

At 3/19/2007 6:35 AM, Blogger Patti said...

So glad they got to go to the country club. But thrilled for Bacari. Isn't it amazing how another RR can pull the shy ones out. I am so happy for the B-man and you. It must have made your heart proud to see him explore a bit.

At 3/19/2007 9:34 AM, Blogger Susan said...

I love your wide open dog park. Chloe's park is heavily wooded, with some cleared out trails- both man made and dog made. The woods are nice in the heat of summer but I cringe and pray every time Chloe leads the charge for a merry chase, she's the fasted of course.

At 3/20/2007 10:01 AM, Anonymous Babs in LA said...

Nothing makes my heart happier than watching RR's run and play. Except for the RR's who never USED to but now are thanks to you and all the other rescuers.

I wanna see a pic of Bacari with a big ol' smile on his face.

Good for you Amanda! And Bacari and Roadie for showing the way.


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