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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sleeping on a Dog Bed

The other night I fell asleep ON A DOG BED. Why you ask? Check out who takes up my couch on daily basis. We need a bigger couch.

From left to right:
Roadie- adopted from RRUS in 2007
Nina Marie AKA Beans- adopted from an all-breed rescue in 2003 (she was my husband's first dog- yes, very sad. But he is a convert- he loves the dogs!)
Bacari- adopted from RRUS in 2005

Thanks to the insistence of Bob and Babs- the couch has been taken over by the dogs. They are all asleep in the same positions as above right now. I am beginning to think I pay the mortgage and the dogs allow me to stay here.



At 2/26/2007 4:26 AM, Blogger evelynintenn said...

Amanda - Nina has owned you since 2003 and you're JUST NOW realizing that you are there solely to serve the dogs?!?

At 2/26/2007 4:30 AM, Blogger evelynintenn said...

PS I spent Thursday night curled up on a dog bed... the dogs had completely crowded me out of my king size bed. Once I moved to the dog bed, two of the dogs came down and crowded me off of that, too. I gave up about 3:AM, sat in the chair and read and listened to 6 happy ridgies sawing logs around me. It made Friday a looooonnnnnggg day, but hey, the dogs were well rested and happy, so all was right with our world.


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