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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Total Relaxation!

WHEW! My mom and girl are finally HOME! (They were in Florida.) I can finally relax and take a NAP!
It was exhausting to look for them all over the house for 10 days! Can you believe that people opened and closed the outside doors without letting them in??? If only I could figure out how to turn the knob . . . Then maybe I could let them in the house myself!
While they were gone, my dad was pretty good to me - I even got bones and treats! HOWEVER, I still am not really sure I can trust him! I will sometimes come in the house for him now - it didn't hurt that it rained almost the whole time my mom was gone. I didn't really want to stay outside anyway . . .
My mom calls me the "50 First Dates" dog - whatever that means. She tells people that no matter how I feel at bedtime about that BIG guy who gives me treats, the next morning I've STILL forgotten if I know him . . .
It's not always easy being the new family member, but it is a WHOLE lot better than "the other life." Besides, I LOVE: my bed, FOOD, my yard, BONES, my house, TREATS, my girl, FOOD, my mom, BONES, my friend Clifford, and TREATS!
I gotta go now, my MOM wants to scratch my ears . . . if she plays her cards right, I'll let her give me a TREAT!
Love, Duke
P.S. THANKS for the great new life RRUS!


At 11/01/2007 7:22 PM, Blogger Buckdancer said...

Great to hear that Duke and Dad did okay. Congratulations to both

At 11/01/2007 10:17 PM, Blogger Patti said...

With lots of patience, kindness and time, Duke will learn to trust his Dad. Glad things went okay while you were gone.

At 11/02/2007 5:31 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

I love this- great update. mY favorite line- if she plays her cards right, I'll let her give me a treat. Spoken like a true Ridgeabck Duke.

He has come so far and I am so happy for you. WOnderful job!!

Also the 50 First Dates is a hilarious but oh-so-true description.



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