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Saturday, December 08, 2007

TJ and Taylor's first big trip

TJ and Taylor have travelled to Alabama from Arizona. They both started in the south - TJ from Tenn and Taylor-Sue from Birmingham, AL. TJ was a hero one night as somehow Taylor got out of the motel room (I had to go back and forth to unpack through those darn locked interior corridors) and TJ was obviously upset in the room. He refused to leave the door and sure enough I opened the door and Taylor was way down the hall at the exit door.

The above picture is our answer to the 'crate' requirement. Didn't have room for two crates so Taylor and TJ said, what the heck, we can fake this. Are all ridgebacks so 'close'. They are always sleeping right together or lying on the same side of the seat in the car - always snuggling. Taylor, who was never ever aggressive will get her hackles up (no ridge) and start growling if anyone seems to threaten TJ. She is really quite timid so this is quite brave for her.

We head home Monday and I'm sure they will be happy to be able to run full out again. They love to ride, but I think this trip may have dampened that thrill. Going across Texas is no fun.

Don is still recovering from a very serious event so this trip was probably crazy, but we are trying to live our lives. We got to eat seafood in Louisiana and that was wonderful, but the crowds and the traffic and awful USA roads are major negatives. Unbelievable how terrible the freeway system is - specifically I-10. We need to concentrate on our country. Also went through the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. It looks like the hurricane was yesterday. Unbelievable.

We feel so blessed to have completed our family with lovable TJ. I wonder if he thinks we are going to leave him somewhere because he came to us via pet transport from Terri in Indiana. We hope he knows he is forever for us.

Oh, the biggie - our rabbit Harvey is now allowed out with TJ and he is so gentle with him - thank goodness - as he rips up furry toys - but he is really good with Harv.

Happy holidays - Merry Christmas to all,



At 12/08/2007 8:05 PM, Blogger Patti said...

TJ certainly knows he is home with you. No doubt about it. And Taylor knows too and shows it in her protectivness of him. What a good boy to let you know Taylor left the room. How brave you are to travel the USA with the Ridgies in tow. How sad about New Orleans though. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

At 12/09/2007 3:47 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

TJ looks so happy and I am glad that Taylor and TJ have become best friends.

That is quite a road trip- glad TJ told you that Taylor had "escaped". Love the crate requirement fix- too funny.

I am glad Harv is allowed out w. the dogs. One of my RRs has ZERO prey drive. We used to own ferrets as well. I took one of the RRs and one of the ferrets to the vet on the same day. the vet walked in, took one look and walked back out. She opened the door again and said she thought she was imagining things when she saw the ferret climbing all over the RR.

Since taking a heightened interest in RRs, we have not added any more ferrets to our home but will always be there to rescue one if needed.



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