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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kumbira's First Anniversary

Recently, we celebrated Kumbira's first anniversary with us in her new home. She has certainly been the great dog that the RRUS folks said she'd be. She may not be 'pretty' but she definitely has character - and how!

Kumbi is all the colors of crazy and makes us laugh so much at her antics. She puts on such a variety of facial expressions that melt our momentary scolding (for making a beeline for our dinner plates) into grins at her artful manipulation of our emotions (resting her chin most heavily on our knee, and looking imploringly into our eyes)!

Although sometimes when she is let outside she still rushes off to bark at anything she thinks is out of place, Kumbi has toned down and accepted the general next-door-neighbor noises. Always very interested in watching the neighborhood goings-on, she sometimes gets to watch all the soccer kids arrive for practice in the park across the street. This is fine until another dog walks by, then she lets everyone know that the trespasser is way too close (even when in the park!). On party day, she was watching for well-wishers to arrive...with gift in hand, of course!

As you can see by the picture, the wrapping did not last long. It was also special treat day with a yummy treat from a real doggie bakery! Then after all the excitement, it was time for a little rest before supper time - with more special treats! Happy First Anniversary, Kumbira!


At 11/03/2007 8:25 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Oh my goodness- what a wonderful post. A party??!!- now you have made my dogs jealous. They are asking when they are getting presents :))

Kumbira looks so "at home." I love the one where she has crashed in her bed after her party- it truly is all-about her.

Once again, a RRUS perfect placement. I know they helped me to choose the 2 perfect dogs for my family.

Thanks for sharing!!

At 11/21/2007 4:55 AM, Blogger Patti said...

What a pretty birthday girl. I didn't let my guys read this post. They get enought treats:)


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