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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cross-country move

I moved Hannah and Cheever from Chicago to Walnut Creek, CA, this week. Three days of 12-hour drives (but only ten today) and we all made it. They had a really cramped area since part of the back seat had a box and pillows, too.

The dogs were great. Hannah slept the whole way and Cheever alternated between sleeping, sitting up to watch the scenery (he really, truly watches it and tracks unique features), and sneezing on the side of my brother's head.

So I learned one thing the hard way today. Don't give dogs pork rinds and beef sticks as treats. Literally, they each had four (small) pork rinds and one (small) beef stick, but combined with the changes in pressure in the Sierras, that made for some awful moments.

The dogs did well in the Motel 6s where we stopped (North Platte, NE, and Elko, NV.) I didn't know how they would like new beds and places, but aside from a few barks the first night when people walked by, nothing.

But here's the new problem: One of my roommates here has a pug. My dogs (which are more than four times Turbo's size) are scared of him. Hannah keeps hiding behind me and if Turbo is between my dogs and me, they just lie down (and bark at him if he gets too close.) He's not being aggressive, though; Turbo's just following my dogs around trying to be friends. (Hannah and Cheever are pretty elitist and don't choose to be friends with many dogs or people.)

My next big fear is that the last bedroom in this house is about to be rented to a guy with a young (six) daughter. I haven't met him or his kid and though m dogs are good with kids, they've only been exposed to kids who grew up with dogs. If the girl did not grow up with a dog and plays rough, I don't want her getting nipped.

So I'll continue keeping you updated on how we all adapt.


At 6/11/2009 1:54 PM, Blogger Mary Ann said...

HA HA HA My two RRs don't like pugs for some reason. Actually, they don't particularly like dogs with flat noses in general. They stay away from them as much as possible. Maybe there's something genetic in RRs for not liking flat-nosed animals because of some flat-nosed animal in Africa. HA HA HA

At 6/12/2009 8:54 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

My youngest, Logan, always takes some time to warm up to new dogs. Give them some time- Logan always seems to work it out in his own way and time.
Maybe Mary Ann is onto something- all that snorting makes your dogs uncomfortable.
Glad you made it out there safe and sound. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your new adventures on the West Coast.


At 6/20/2009 4:33 PM, Blogger Patti A. said...

Our daughter has a Puggle who is pretty bossy. Morgan and Curtis hide from him until he settles down. Once he does, they play nice together. Maybe some yummy treats for all the pooches when the Pug is around would help them feel better about him. As for the kid, it would probably be best to intriduce them with treats and praise. Talk with the child about how to treat the dogs. Make her a part of some training with treats and asking the dogs to sit, etc. Maybe she could help walk them with you. They may become fast friends. Good luck.

At 6/23/2009 12:29 AM, Blogger David said...

Good tips, thank you. The kid actually took to the dogs and they like her pretty well, too. Of course, now her dad wants to get a Brittny Spaniel. I'll spare you my vitriole for the idea of a four-bedroom house with four adults and four dogs and a kid, but needless to say I'm going to be spending a LOT of time locked in my room until my lease ends.


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