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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Morgan anad Jack

Hi gang! Things are going great with Morgan and Jack, our new addition from Pensecola, Fla. The two of them act as if they have been together for years. Although Jack has also had a hard life, he is one of those wonderful hail fellow well met kind of Ridgebacks who is so happy to be here and has settled in as if he knew his ship would come in one day!

I have gotten a new camera and am learning how to send pics on this contraption. If one is not included tonight it means that I need another lesson. Give this ole gal a bit of time to learn all that stuff that most of you know with your eyes closed.

Morgan does not like it when I leave to do errands and can't take her with me. She tore up my bathroom big time, and she ripped out of the new tent crate I bought her. We have also had some potty issues with her. Claudia and Jim did not have that issue with her, lucky me! We're slowly getting on top of it though and that problem is getting better every day.
enclosure. Wish me luck.


I almost got it. Next time I will be able to send you pics. I got hung up on the address for the enclosure. Better luck next time. :)


At 8/04/2009 7:25 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Morgan thought she was remodeling- guess you'll have to block the HG network from the TV so she can't watch while you are out.

Congrats on your new camera and newest addition.

Can't wait to see pics!


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