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Friday, July 17, 2009

Adoption of Miss Morgan

Hi everyone. Amanda, my daughter Barb, anad I traveled to Memphis to adopt our precious new family member, Morgan. Claudia and Jim in Iowa have been taking care of her, so she had unbelievable foster parents. Mary also took care of her for a month to heal a bad bite on her back. If anyone knows Mary's email, I would love to have it so I can thank her personally for all the loving care she gave.

Morgan is 6 yrs old, she was a breeder in a puppy mill. :( She is very shy right now and I think she is still wondering how she got here. We saw Roxie our vet today and he said he could hardly wait to see her in a couple of months. She will be a different gal once she realizes that this is for real. I will try and take some pics of her this weekend and see if I can learn how to get pics on line. It is nice to know that all of you are here also loving Ridgebacks as I do. Morgan is my second RR and I adore the breed.

This will make Amanda probably throw up but I am a big snuggler, kisser, and all around mush when it comes to my dogs! There is nothing greater that snuggeling with a RR on your bed. Morgan even has a wonderful snore that lets me know she is sleeping peacefully.

Wonderful to join this group. I look forward to getting to know all of you on line.



At 7/18/2009 7:31 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

You'll be impressed- I did not throw up, just GAGGED! Just kidding.

Morgan is in the perfect home. And I can't wait to see pictures- around here, people LOVE pictures.

She's shy NOW but she won't be for long. I know you can fix that issue quickly. Congrats on your newest family member and welcome to the RRUS family.

At 7/19/2009 4:36 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Hi Lin,

I'm here to tell you that Amanda and Roadie do the huggy, kissy thing without any shyness or gagging at all. I saw it first hand at my dinette table and darn the pictures didn't turn out well or I'd share them here.

Congrats on your adoption. It will be super to hear of Miss Morgan's progress in her home.

At 7/20/2009 1:30 PM, Blogger Gracie's Mom said...


Congrats on your adoption! I couldn't have said it better. I know the snoring of a rescued Rhodesian girl and it is heavenly music. Many more happy days.

At 7/24/2009 5:46 AM, Blogger Patti A. said...

Congratulations Lin and Morgan. Love the name by the way, as I have a Morgan. After talking with you myself, I know your Morgan couldn't be in a better place. She will be adored for the rest of her life. Happy days ahead for both of you


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