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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lucy and her anxiety

Here's a picture of my liver nosed girl, sunning herself on the back deck. Since her eyes are closed I think she needs a pair of shades. : - )

I'd like to thank everyone for the comments and advice of Lucy's separation anxiety. She always gets a treat for going in her crate but I haven't tried to give her a treat if she is left to roam. I have calming treats and phermones which seem to help sometimes. Some days she is fine and others she's not. I will also check out the book recommended and keep everyone posted. Thanks again.


At 11/21/2006 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous gal your Lucy is!! Thanks so much for the photo.

Separation anxiety is difficult for us people to deal with because we tend to humanize it. But you seem to be sending the right "not a big deal" signals. They really can feed off of our emotions and Lucy already had this issue wrapped up in her pretty package when she arrived.

You'll do great. Keep us posted.


At 11/23/2006 9:21 AM, Blogger sibtigre2 said...

She's a beauty! Thanks for posting her picture and good luck with the separation anxiety. Tori has it as well.

At 12/01/2006 2:38 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Lucy is a beauty. She looks very much like my Morgan who's most hated thing in the whole wide world is getting her nails done. I've learned if I smear peanut butter on the inside of a Kong, I can do just about anything to her. Nails now take 5 minutes with no fuss. I bet Lucy would love that before you walk out the door. Good luck.

At 12/01/2006 8:01 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Do you crate her at all when you are home? If crating of a dog (whether from puppyhood or adult rescue) commences only when the beloved owner is absent - that is a recipe for disaster. The dog then truly associates the crate with being away from it's loved ones... And in Lucy's case, if it was in fact a pre-existing behavior (as has been mentioned), starting from ground zero and working your way back into it could be the key. For a week or so solid >> crate her, without isolating her (meaning the crate has to be in a central area of activity in the home)... for (short) periods of time (from 10 mins to 1 hr) and at varying times, while you are home - ignore and/or correct (as appropriate) any tantrums associated with this exercise. Soon enough you'll find a lesser reaction to being crated and a more favorable management by Lucy of the crating in your absence. She is left thinking "hmmm, not so bad, crate doesn't = all day long every time, could only mean 15 mins, maybe I should just chill out - now I've forgotten to worry about it because I've got a yummy kong with with frozen canned dog food in it" woo hooo!

Just my 2 cents...and maybe you've been down this road before, if so, I'm willing to go back to the drawing board for Lucy's cause. I know the anxiety of your furkid can cause equally as much anxiety for you (afterall, we love them to bits!), so keep us posted..looks to me like we are all rooting for you : )

Oh and last but not least, I concur, Lucy is a knock down drag out lovernose looker!! I thought she was a peachy princess when she was in foster care with RRUS. I put together the RRUS Success Story Scrapbook and I couldn't help but use your quote about perfect strangers on your daily walks commenting on what a pretty gal Lucy is - well hey, they aren't blind are they?!?

My best!


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