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Monday, April 06, 2009


Well its been almost 3 and 1/2 months since we adopted Shady from RRUS and there hasn't been a dull day in there. Shady really likes to keep things lively, especially when he feels that everyone has settled down a little too much. His favorite way to liven us up is to grab a squeaky toy and run circles around the couch while he squeaks. If that doesn't work he likes take crunch on a 2 liter soda bottle and flip it around in the air.
Shady has also become somewhat of a connoisseur of sticks. If you try to hand him a stick he will graciously take it and drop it the minute you turn your head. However if he finds a stick that he feels is worthy he will carry it for 20 minutes on walks and runs. And if it should happen to fall out of his mouth we can't continue until he has it back in his mouth.
Shady really loves going on walks and jogs but his absolute favorite thing is playing with other dogs, and nothing wipes him out better. We are trying to teach him to be polite when he wants to go meet another canine companion and he is learning slowly but surely. He has a joy for life that can't be matched and is happy to be around us whatever we are doing, though he would rather have us be doing something active and outdoors.
We are so happy that Shady could become a part of our family and we are even talking about getting another RR companion for all of us, we think he would even happier than he is now if that were to happen.
Here are a couple of pictures of Shady playing with his new Lab/Pitbull mix neighbor Carmela.


At 4/07/2009 8:52 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Congrats on your newest addition.
Great update- what a cutie pie!

Well it has been said that Ridgebacks are like potato chips- you can't have just one.

I am actually considering adding another RR to the pack here!

At 4/16/2009 5:00 AM, Blogger Patti A. said...

Shady looks happy as can be. He sounds like a true character. So glad you are enjoying him.



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