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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TJ hugging Don

TJ is so sensitive and caring. Anytime Don 'hurts' for any reason - the latest is a blown knee, it is TJ to the rescue. And my goodness, if I raise my voice to Don, TJ is right there to hug him. He is the first dog I've ever had that hugs as well as kisses and he is very serious about it. He is the sweetest, kindest dog ever. Taylor has become more able to show affection because of his example. They continue to share the same crate and bed and always seem to need to touch. They mouth wrestle and TJ often goes on his back to give Taylorsue the advantage. The only thing at all negative about our beloved TJ is his pulling on leash. I have tried so many special harnesses and the halti thing for the nose, which I hated. One day we had to quickly put them in a crate and take off for about 30 minutes. When we returned TJs harness was in pieces. I'm sure he asked Taylor to bite it off for him as no way could have have gotten it off himself. These RRs are something with so many similar traits of touching, sharing and so on. I've seen no couch potato traits yet - although they do take good naps, for which we are grateful. They still play gently with the bunny - more they just show a little interest and leave him alone.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Bruno at his new home

After adopting Bruno back in Dec. of last year we've enjoyed every day of having him with us.

He's quickly adapted to his "older Sister" and the little people running around the house.
Despite a brief disagreement between She-La and Bruno over who got what bed from Santa Claus... they seem to like each other fine. Bruno still inhales his food at breakfast and dinner, while She-La waits till he's done and then after a growl at him if he gets too close, she eats as slowly as possible to tease him....... or maybe it's just her trying to teach him some manners?
He does tend to lay about like a teenager, I think our 11 year old She-La has more energy than big 6 year old Bruno, but maybe he was just confined to a kennel growing up and never got to go out and run very much. He doesn't seem to have any prey drive, I've seen a squirrel walk 20 feet in front of him with no interest.
He's a loveable lunk and fits right in to our neck of the woods!
Thanks to everyone who helped get him to us!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing in the Yard

Here's two pics of Harley, Roadie and Kyah playing in the back yard last summer. Nothing beats a pack of Ridgebacks playing together. It puts a smile on my face. What about yours?


How are the puppies? I would love to see updates and pics of the all the puppies who were adopted over the past year.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Alternative Listing

AKC has a Purebred Alternative Listing or PAL program for many of the RRUS dogs. The program that allows unregistered dogs (of recognized breeds) to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events.