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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TJ and Taylorsue

Thinking of their new yard. Taylorsue is smiling and TJ is just thinking.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The picture goes with my comment to tj and taylorsue.

I have a question, does anybody have any ideas, store bought or home remedy on how to get urine smell out of the lawn?
my girls go to close to the house and in the hot sun...... yuck!
thanks Cheyenne and Chloes mom


Sunday, July 18, 2010

TJ and Taylorsue are finally getting a new home. Can't believe it - at our age buying a new (to be built) home because it has a huge back yard. These two have been putting up with a small back yard on a golf course lot. We've just recently added the side yard to their running space, but it is nothing compared to the yard they are getting and deserve. TJ loves to run and probably would love coursing (is that the word). They love their walk but this neighborhood is full of retireds with tiny little dog-oids and they think TJ and Taylor are all kinds of things - too big!!! They are both under 50 lbs. We should get a purebred male and let them know what a real Ridgeback is size wise.

I bought the ultrasonic bark stop thing and have used it three times. Now all I have to do is show it to TJ and he comes right to me. They don't bark, but TJs pulling was still a bit of a problem, but he is much improved. This gadget is good for emergencies if some aggressive owner lets their dog off leash and they charge mine for instance. This has happened and one tried to bite TJ. Now mine get their hackles up and their growls going (only at the dog who tried to attack TJ, so having this device might help.

We can hardly wait to set them 'free'.