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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zuri a.k.a. "Zuzu" fast asleep

Zuri, exhausted after a fun day just living. She always seems to have such a "joie de vivre." I think she'll always be kind of puppy-like because of that. While Tessa, our other ridgie, always seems to be very regal and composed, this goof-off Zuri is always a lark. Just thought this picture was cute... Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Emma is HOME!!!

Back in April of this year, Olivia brought us Emma. She was going to be our second foster for RRUS. Cooper was our first. Emma came into our home on that Saturday evening and stole everyone's hearts. when she arrived, there were 10 dogs and tons of people here. She immediately made friends with all of the dogs, even our geriatric Mastiff girl. Emma was here for 6 months, and along the way, she had several families inquire about her, but for one reason or another, it always fell thru. We learned so many things about Emma in those 6 months. She LOVES to swim. She LOVES to play. Tug-o-war is her favorite game. She loves to cuddle. We just couldn't figure out why Emma hadn't been chosen to go to her fur-ever home. And then, one October night, it hit us! We were on vacation. Emma was staying with a very close friend of ours. We missed her like crazy and we had only been gone for a few days. We knew it right then! Emma was already home!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vic's Trip to the Oregon Coast

Hi everyone,

We just returned from a rainy but wonderful weekend in Newport, Oregon.  Vic absolutely loved the beach and learned quickly that the water tasted different than normal.  It was chilly so she and Titus wore their new coats.  She is settling in well and learning to listen even when there is a squirrel or seagull or dog or car or tree or cloud or leaf.  Here are some photos!

Scott and Madeline

Share your Pictures

Hello Everyone.

Celia Hoffman is once again making a slide show of Ridgebacks for the National meeting for the Ridgeback Club- coming to MI in May.

She wants pics and names of rescued Ridgebacks. If you want your rescued Ridgeback included- send her an email at But do it soon- she is wrapping up production of this slide show/video.

Let's make sure RRUS is well represented.