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Saturday, September 29, 2007

More than Adoption

Last weekend I was thrilled to be a part of something great- a transport to save a Ridgeback pup from a kill shelter. I got the call late in the week. With my husband already out of town and no time to set up a boarding kennel, I took all three of my dogs with me to go get this pup.

The dogs did great. We rented a mini van, folded down the seats and filled the back w/ dog beds (and a crate for the pup).

We met Tamie, another RRUS foster mom, and her two Ridgies plus her foster dog. It was Ridgeback Heaven on Earth. Amazingly, all the dogs got along. There was a total of 7 dogs- 6 Ridgebacks and 1 Cockapoo (who thinks she is a Ridgeback so please don't tell her anything different)

Over two days, we drove nearly 1000 miles- the dogs never complained, maybe that was because they got their own bed in the hotel.

It was great to be a small part of this dog's trek to forever. He is now in foster care and doing great from all accounts. I hope he will be adopted soon and then his new family can blog about him and keep us all updated.

I was able to take some pictures of the lil' guy. Get your OOOOHs and AAAHHHs ready- here's Tee.

Beautiful day at the lake

Zuri (our rescue dog) and Tessa having fun in typically ridgie fashion on a beautiful day at the lake.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Samson and Kyah's trip to the Balloon Race

Samson and Kyah loved their trip to the Forest Park Balloon Race. They were both such good puppies that day. They were the center of attention as people walked by!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

MN Morning!!

We LOVE our Duke!!

The top photo is Clifford (left) and Duke (right) lazing in the MN sun! Below is my daughter Analise planting a kiss on Duke before she heads out for the day!

So many toys, so little time!!!

Here are some more pics of Kyah and Samson posing for the camera and playing with their toys. They both love their toys!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

RRUS Postage Stamps!

Now everyone can show off their love for Ridgebacks and RRUS! Everyone needs stamps, right? For cards, letters, bills, etc. Well....Now you can share your love for ridgebacks and help rescue every time you mail something! :)

Visit our Zazzle store to order. :) RRUS receives 17% of all sales.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life is good!!!

Here are a few more pictures of Kyah and her brother Samson relaxing in the backyard with their rawhide bones. As you can see in the middle picture, sometimes Kyah likes to have her bone and Samson's too. Samson is such a gentleman that he usually just lets her have it. This is the life!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who could resist this face!!!!

I would like you all to meet Kyah. She joined our family on August 18th. Since then she has made herself right at home with her new mom and dad and her big brother Samson, our Ridgeback mix. Kyah is a beautiful little girl who is all puppy. She is full of energy and love. She loves to play in the backyard with Sam and run along the fence with Kramer, her new neighbor friend. She especially loves car rides and trips to the dog park. Kyah is already on her 5th week of obedience classes and is doing great. She loves to show you how she can sit in the hopes of getting a treat. We are so lucky to have rescued such a wonderful little girl. There will be more pictures of Samson and Kyah to follow.

A special "Thanks" to Amanda and Mariann for all of your help in this process.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our New Pack Member - DUKE!

Welcome Home Duke!

Thanks to RRUS, we have added Duke (he's on far right) to our family! A special thanks to Kristi D. for meeting us halfway (Sioux Falls, SD) and for fostering Duke, and to everyone who helped get him to her!

It has been an adventure having him! My daughter and I call him "Snuffleupagus" - because he likes to snuffle - up - against - us! He's finally starting to warm up to my husband Jim . . . it's taking a lot of patience!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Damage control

About 3 months ago I began leaving Hannah and Cheever out of their cages during the days with full access to the kitchen, mud room, library, and bathroom. For a number of weeks, they were just fine. Occasionally, they would pull a box from the recycling bin and I'd come home to shredded egg carton or the like in the mud room. Yesterday, they ate one of my books and today they ate the butter dish. not just the butter, but the dish, too. Some of the lid was left. On the plus side, I'll know for sure which of the dogs has become destructive, but what I don't know is how to curb this. Does anyone have any ideas?


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our New Home

We finally made the move to NC and are getting settled. I was concerned about how the fur kids were going to handle the whole thing including the 8 hour drive here. Annie the Cat rode with Mark in the moving van, sans drugs, in a crate. She talked to him the whole way. Morgna and Curtis were stuffed, literally, into the back of the Trail Blazer. We had a little mishap when Mr. Curtis decided to fly over the back seat to catch a fly. Curtis is obsessed with flies. He got stuck in all the boxes and such that were loaded in the back seat. There I was, going 78 mph, trying to prevent him from jumping in my lap, since that was the only available space that he could go. I couldn't call Mark to tell him to stop since one hand was on the wheel and the other was holding tightly to Curtis's collar. I pulled over only to discover that I couldn't budge him since he was stuck in all the boxes. All the people dricving by saw was my butt up in the air as I was trying to get him back where he was supposed to be. The whole time Curtis was intent on the fly totally ignoring my pleas to get back. Not wanting to risk getting him out on the side of the highway, I drove another 8 miles so I could pull over in a safe place. Other than that, the trip was uneventful. We arrived safely and the dogs took to their new home like they always lived here. The best news, for those of you who remember that Anmie the Cat went underground when dog #2 arrived, is that they have all bonded in their new digs. Annie was still so drugged and happy to be out of the van that she immediately was loving on both dogs. Curtis had this look on his face like, "What the heck is she doing rubbing on my legs?" It was priceless. Notice how stressed they look in the pictures:)

Monday, September 03, 2007


What can we say about Mikey (aka Miken)? It was truly cosmic destiny that he came to us. We think Mikey may be a 1,000 year old Budhist monk who is on about his seventeenth life journey. Unlike most dogs, he looks at you right in the eye without malice or aggression and does not become intimidated or fearful when you look back. He seems like he looks into your soul, and opens his own to you, if your're receptive and sensitive enough to look back and notice. He's a protector but not a bully, a loving playmate who lets everyone else win, even though he could pin most other dogs down like rag dolls with one 4 inch wide paw if he chose to. At 120 lbs. (and counting) of solid muscle, he behaves like he has nothing to prove and even the ornery and ill behaved dogs at the dog park give him plenty of deference. He is the intimidating (but quiet) backup to Lana (our Ridgy/Boxer mix) when she goes off like a roman-candle on a stanger at the door. At the same time, he could not be more docile and submissive with the kids and would literally crawl into my shorts and not leave my side 24/7 if he could. A more loyal and faithful friend could not be imagined. He learned the rules of the house almost overnight and is thoroughly obedient, the slightest stern voice sends Mikey into a severe state of remorse. Mikey is truly a 1 in a million dog. If RRUS has even one more like him, they will have done a huge service to a deserving family.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Little "Z" joined our home on August 18th and has been a great addition. She is a very calm, loving pup. She has been busy exploring her big yard and is learning where she can and cannot go in the yard (the garden). She is busy most of the day playing with her toys and with her brother. She and brother Arnie (aka Hey Arnold) are inseperable. They love being together-she is exactly what Arnie was asking for... She attended her first puppy class and amazed everyone as to how well she walks on a leash and sits at her dads side when he stops walking. She surprised everyone when she sat up for a split second-so we are working on that with clicker training, which she loves. She has made herself very much at home and is very well behaved. We are so happy she found us!