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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hannah update

Hi, everyone,

Hannah is doing a whole lot better. The spots of fur loss stopped a couple weeks ago. Her largest wound, which she and Cheever made worse by licking when I was at work, has re-grown skin and fur is coming back. That spot is about the side of a drink coaster.

She responded VERY well to the last bits of prescription ringworm cream and shampoo I had and some OTC ringworm creams. So the culprit seems to clearly be ringworm.

Just wanted to share the good news that she is fine.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Victory's Northwest Summer

 Hi Everyone!  Victory has really enjoyed her first summer as a Northwest Pup.  We have been hiking, running, and playing--but more than anything Vic LOVES the water.  She has become such a great swimmer (and duck chaser), and she loves going for boat rides.  Vic has also become great friends with her brother, Titus, and her cousins, Edgar and Boo, who are also rescues.  It has been such a huge pleasure to see her personality come out over the past months.  She is so sweet and tries so hard to be a good girl, but above all else, Vic is a total goofball.  She loves to sprint toward Titus at full speed and then jump over his little 6-pound frame at the last second, and she plays ball with herself by pushing the ball down the stairs and then chasing it (repeat).  Here are some pictures of her having fun!                  


Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Amigos

Harley came to stay with us for the weekend. So far it has been ROMPER ROOM, Ridgeback Style. They have played and played since I got home from work. Finally, everyone has found a nice place to snuggle in for the evening. But we are getting up bright and early to head to the trails for some exercise.

Enjoy the photos and excuse the mess- I was trying to clean when the pups decided to do dumb runs all over the house.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Odd Wounds on Hannah

Hi, all,

I just returned from a week away and Hannah and Cheever stayed at a local kennel. I picked them up two days ago. Today, Hannah has two odd wounds on her right flank. They do not appear to be injuries related to the kennel. They don't look like attack scratches, either.

I noticed Hannah and Cheever licking the same spot on her flank. So I investigated and what appeared to be a small red spot got very large. I pushed her fur back to see the spot and it sluffed off with the top layer of skin. So her large wound is about the size of two nickels, maybe a bit larger, now. Her small wound is only a dot. The link below has the photos. More worrisome is she has a whole patch of small bumps which appear to be similar wounds forming. Cheever does not have these bumps, so I don't think they're fleas.

Also, when I touch the small bumps, Hannah recoils.

Any ideas? I am hoping it's stress-related or due to sleeping on a strange bed or cement if Cheever wouldn't let her on the bed for six nights.

Also, they put some kind of cheap perfume on both dogs before handing them over to me, so maybe this is an allergy? I bathed them the moment I got them home because the perfume was giving me an allergic reaction.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall Fun Day in FL

The Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club is sponsoring a Fall Fun Day on September 26th.

The President of the club welcomed any and all RRUS adopters and dogs to join in the fun.

Here's a link to SSRRC and the latest information about the event

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

look at me I'm Stoney !!

Well look at me now 110 lbs and love to show off.. I was at the rodeo in July in Pa. an I was the biggest ridge back there. After all My forever home is a farm an I learned I can run an be free. I was the only rrus and my other family ridge is neutered too. An some of those breeder dogs was the 1st time I seen come near my Mom , I didn't know what I was going to do. So I puff my self up , held my head high an did my lion walk.. He cleared the way an strutted his stuff.. Stoney saw the lure coursing an ran like the wind made his 1st leg ... oh my !! We were not staying to do more - Being almost 9 years old in three months (needles to say I was shocked) !! Mostly afraid of the heat of the day an I know my boy was tired but ,not showing it there. Yes, he still Love's his sleep number bed .. Stoney was called the gentle gaint .. The name fits him well.. And hereing his story about his life put tears in eyes .. Just what I wanted to do- All our love to all ,

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Morgan and Jack

Ok gang. It is time to put our heads together and figure out what we can do concerning Morgan's potty difficulties. Claudia and Amanda have been so patient with me and I am at my wits ends trying to figure out how to help this ole gal realize that the house is not the place to urinate and deficate! It is a REAL problem . Morgan literally cringes when I tell her it is time to go outside to do her business. Its almost as if she has decided that the house is the only place to go. Needless to say, I am at my wits end trying to figure out what the problem is and how I can help her resolve it. There is an animal behavioralist at the University and my daughter suggested that maybe we should concult her and see if she could think of anything that we have notdone. Before we do that, any suggestions that all of you could give me would be most appreciated. Claudia has been a saint trying to help me figure this out. Morgan did not display this behavior at Claudia's and Jim's. I am beginning to tear my hair out trying to resolve this issue. Morgan has come a long way, but as you can imagine, this is a BIG problem and we definitely have to find an answer to it. I crated Morgan this evening in a plastic crate while Barb and I went out to dinner. She broke out of the crate and then went all over the house and peed and deficated. Sigh. She can not use a metal crate because of her former life at a puppy-type mill. She was forced to breed for 6 years poor dear. As Amanda stated, she has come a long way since we brought her home, but of course this behavior is making it so we can't find joy in every day we are together. For her sake and mine we must find a solution. What am I doing or not doing? This really has me stumpted.

Thanks so much.


They were so good!

TJ and Taylor just passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen tests this week. It is almost laughable how well they 'perform'. They positively know what is expected and just show off. Then they come home and break all the rules. We are training them to be assist dogs for us--just a few basics like getting the other spouse if needed. TJ is so much better on leash and both are well socialized with other dogs. Taylorsue is an absolute shameless flirt, which is certainly better than fear aggressive. The aggression is gone and we feel it is all due to the confidence she has gained from being with TJ. TJ is doing much better with thunder and lightening. We made him a comfortable hiding place in our walk in closet (pillow and all) and he now ccomes out more and more during the storm. Just decided to give him his space and not make a big fuss and he's doing great.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Requested Picture

I was asked to share a picture of Morgan and Jack's family. Please ignore the livernose in the photo- Roadie hasn't met a camera he didn't like :)
Enjoy and hopefully Linda will master her new camera and share the photos that she has taken.

Morgan is doing just beautifully. She has settled down faster than anyone can imagine. She actually approached me for a sniff. She then let me pet her and even gave me a quick kiss. And Jack, well as Lin said, he is just a sweetie who has hit the JACK POT so to speak. He is finally forever home.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Morgan anad Jack

Hi gang! Things are going great with Morgan and Jack, our new addition from Pensecola, Fla. The two of them act as if they have been together for years. Although Jack has also had a hard life, he is one of those wonderful hail fellow well met kind of Ridgebacks who is so happy to be here and has settled in as if he knew his ship would come in one day!

I have gotten a new camera and am learning how to send pics on this contraption. If one is not included tonight it means that I need another lesson. Give this ole gal a bit of time to learn all that stuff that most of you know with your eyes closed.

Morgan does not like it when I leave to do errands and can't take her with me. She tore up my bathroom big time, and she ripped out of the new tent crate I bought her. We have also had some potty issues with her. Claudia and Jim did not have that issue with her, lucky me! We're slowly getting on top of it though and that problem is getting better every day.
enclosure. Wish me luck.


I almost got it. Next time I will be able to send you pics. I got hung up on the address for the enclosure. Better luck next time. :)