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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Learning to Share

Well not really sure who is the teacher and who is the student- check this pic of Bacari, Scott, and Roadie on the couch. The girls (Beans and I) went upstairs to snuggle in the bed while watching some silly movie.

Thanks RRUS for making Bacari and Roadie into our lives. They are adored and spoiled- what more could a dog ask for? On second thought- don't ask for I am sure they'll come up w/ something.


Sleeping on a Dog Bed

The other night I fell asleep ON A DOG BED. Why you ask? Check out who takes up my couch on daily basis. We need a bigger couch.

From left to right:
Roadie- adopted from RRUS in 2007
Nina Marie AKA Beans- adopted from an all-breed rescue in 2003 (she was my husband's first dog- yes, very sad. But he is a convert- he loves the dogs!)
Bacari- adopted from RRUS in 2005

Thanks to the insistence of Bob and Babs- the couch has been taken over by the dogs. They are all asleep in the same positions as above right now. I am beginning to think I pay the mortgage and the dogs allow me to stay here.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Roadie at the Dog Park

So we went- and found out that you need some kind of permit to get it. It has a key pad and a "members only" sign on the gate. Then someone asked if we wanted to try it out- Roadie was pulling me toward the gate so they let us in. He started running around w/ all the other dogs. There were boxers, springer spaniels, Westies, GSDs, a Beagle, and then some number of Heinz 57s. Roadie took up w/ one of the GSDs. They both played rather rough. I got to talking about Roadie and RRUS. She seemed like a nice lady and mentioned that she would check out the website and maybe look into adoption. I hope she does- her Jazzy was a gem, well behaved and spoiled rotten. This woman was a true dog person and Roadie adored her as well- slapping his wet tongue across her face more than once.

It was too cold for photos- my hands stayed in my pockets- sorry :((

So this afternoon we filled out our application for a permit to the 2 acre dog park. It's a really cool place and I look forward to taking the dogs there.


AKC Survey

I know this is not totally RR related but some of us have adopted mixes and I think it would be neat for them to be allowed to compete w/ the purebreds. Watch out- the pound pups gonna show you how to do it.

AKC is considering allowing mixed breeds to participate in some AKC
Companion events. (agility, rally,obedience,tracking) They have a
created a survey to get input from the public before they go forward
with any proposals to the Board. Here's the link:

The Newest Addition

I wanted to let everyone know that last weekend I adopted my 2nd Ridgeback from RRUS. As always, the experience was perfect. Last Saturday, I woke up bright and early and traveled w/ my other 2 dogs for a meet-n-greet. The four hour drive was complicated by some icy roads. But we finally made it there. Being that my dogs were not used to snow, they weren't quite sure where to walk. Nina was walking into deeper and deeper snow- looking at me as if I had done this to her.

We spent a few hours meeting the new dog and also the resident hounds of the home (beautiful dogs!). I was worried Nina Beans would have issues w/ another large brother- but she did fine. Maybe that is b/c we had pizza for lunch- HER FAVE!! She was so preoccupied w/ begging for food- she missed the fact that I intended on taking the leggy fellow home. Actually Bacari did rather well- he immediately greeted the other RRs, tail waggin'. He also wanted to have some pizza but was kinda nervous about begging in unfamiliar territory. But then the food hound in him took over and he was wrinkling that forehead like a champ!!

Once lunch was over- we spent some more time loving on the dogs. But I needed to get before the sun went down on icy roads. So I filled out my paperwork and loaded the vehicle w/ one more dog and headed home.

Introducing Roadie. He is a 2, almost 3 yr old Livernose male Ridgie. He is quite stunning I must say and that has been confirmed by everyone who meets him :))

We are starting obedience classes in a week or two- trying for his Canine Good Citizen certification.

So far he is a true joy- he is a typical RR and we are learning what it's like to live w/ one. Already ate a whole loaf of wheatbread- he is an expert countersurfer.

More stories to come about him. We are headed to the dog park today and I'll be taking the camera.

Thanks RRUS for bringing Roadie into our lives. He would thank you too but right now is curled up on the couch asleep and snoring w/ the rest of the crew!!!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ridgeback DNA Study

Hey, everyone,

I don't know if you know this or not, but there is a study of the Ridgeback genome going on to determine which gene is respoonsible for the ridge, among other things. Dogs don't need to be AKC registered norr does their lineage need to be known, and mixes are okay so long as their ridgeback heritage can be proven (e.g., with a ridge.)

It sounds really interesting and I'm submitting Hannah's DNA (which will require rubbing a cotton swab inside her mouth. I see that ending in disaster.) It's not a blood draw or anything.

Anyway, here's the link in case anyone is interested.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeding Question

When do you feed? morning and night? or just once a day? We have been feeding once a day for a few years now. Everyone eats at night before bed. It seems to work, plus I am always rushed in the morning. However, I have been spooked lately by the B word- BLOAT. Does anyone know if feeding up and more frequently, less volume actually help prevent bloat from happening? Just asking- I have heard more than one story about this and want to make sure I am not endangering anyone. I have a small dog and 2 RRs (more to come about that) one Ridgie is very large and barrel chested.

Thanks for letting me pick your brain,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fence Not Helping

So we had a fence built so Bacari could poop w/out supervision. Guess what- I am still leashing him and taking him out to poop IN THE FENCED BACK YARD. What the heck? Any ideas on how we can fix this?- I am not really interested in standing out there for what seems like hours as he circles and circles, looking for the perfect spot. Bless his heart (this is where we southerners can say anything and it's OK)- he is scared to poop by himself. He just will hold it, come back in and then leave us a surprise the next day. I have tried to go w/ him off lead. He refuses to do anything. He eventually sits down and stairs at me. Help- suggestions- I am likely to freeze out there before he does his duty.

Amanda and the Constipated RR

Friday, February 16, 2007

Curtis Graduates

Mr. Curtis graduated from training class last night. That's him showing off his "Sit". Doesn't he look handsome? He did very well and all the trainers fell in love with him. We will start the advanced class at the end of the month and then Curtis will test for CGC and Therapy. We're thinking about taking his sister, Morgan, with us this time. She feels so left out when we leave. Besides, she could use a refresher on her manners:)

Snow Photos

Hello, everyone,

I took Hannah and Cheever to the dog park a while back when we were in the midst of a 12-inch snow fall. I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded the best of them to my Flickr account. I don't know about your dog(s), but these two would rather be out in the snow than inside, without question.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hi all- just wanted to drop a quick a post to update rrus and all those interested on aerros progress in her new home as well as to say thank you to rrus. Specifically Amanda, you have been a great help to us and we appreciate all that have done so that we can have a new member to our family. Really, we can not tell you how much we appreciate all your efforts. thank you.

Aerro or should I say Mia, is doing great! Yep she has a new name, we are not absolutely positive if it the one, but she seems to like it and we do too, so unless a lightning bolt zaps one of us it would seem as though Mia is it. She is getting along quite well with our ridgie mix Ronin. They are having alot fun playing together, round and round the living room they go. Ronin has a few extra pounds on him, but I can see that with Mia around he will be a trim young man in no time. She is definately keeping him on his toes.

As is only natural, she was a little nervous at first, especially of the stairs in the house, but that only lasted until she found the bed in the master bedroom. She didn't even bother with the rest of tour, she jumped right up and pretty stayed there for the rest of night. So needless to say she has had no problem with making herself at home. She has adjusted quite quickly as well to taking the lead from her big brother when it is time to go outside . After a few accidents in the dining room on days 1 & 2, she is picking up the routine to be let outside surprisingly quick.

They are sharing their toys and eating side by side; after 5 days, it has been a real blessing. Mia couldn't be any more adorable and Ronin is being very patient while she explores and plays. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Girls Rule and Men Drool

I came home for lunch today and the sun was shining brightly for a change. There was a nice sun spot right on the kitchen rug and Curtis decided it looked like a great place to take a nap. Morgan had other ideas. She went in the family room and came back carrying the biggest bone we have and proceeded to gently drop it right at Curtis' nose. Then she turned her back to him and waited until he took the bait. Sure enough, Curtis could not resist the temptation, and he picked up the bone and went to the family room to chew it. Little Miss Queen Morgan, so full of herself, cuddled up in the now vacant sun spot. I swear you could hear her saying, "Stupid little man" as she sighed with contentment.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cutis Has His 5th Class

Mr. Curtis had his 5th class. We practiced recall, which Curtis does really well...just not really fast:) Curtis is a very mellow guy and he doesn't do too many things in fast motion, so when I walked to the other side of the room and called, "Curtis Come", he came... at Curtis speed. Here I am kneeling down and with my best Forest Gump impression saying, "Run Curtis Run." Curtis got a round of applause:) Then we practiced the settle command. The instructor told us to get our dogs all crazy in order to teach them the settle command. Um, Curtis crazy, Ok I'll try. So there I am jumping up and down, waving my arms, and in a high pitched voice trying to get Curtis to "go crazy". Well only one of was going crazy and it wasn't Curtis. He was sitting there looking at me like, "Settle down Mom." I gave myself a treat:)