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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Harley's pictures

These pictures are supposed to be with Harley's first posting, but I couldn't figure it out.

"Mooom, can't you see I am trying to sleep here"

Harley gives Drew kisses now and lets both of us approach from the front. She trusts now that I am comfortable taking food from her mouth and she is too.

"Hello Drew! How are you today? I had a busy day of sleeping."


I know it has taken me too long to report back to ya'll. I am finally doing it. I have to say from my view that Harley had a pretty easy transition except the fist night.

Harley's 1st night

We drove 4 hours on a Saturday to meet and pick up Harley. So we arrived at our destination in Mississippi at 3:30. For the next hour, the clouds in the sky got thicker and darker with lightening and thunder. So the whole meet and greet had to be cut short so everyone could leave before the storm. Harley was a nervous wreck on the ride home panting and constantly moving around in the backseat of the car. I finally got back there with her (no clue if that calmed her down or not). We finally got home at 9:30 pm. Drew and I let her search the house and fed her a little bit.

Drew showered and got in bed because he had to go out of town the next morning. At 10:30 pm, we were both ready for bed and we thought Harley would be exhausted too. However, Harley stayed on her bed 30 minutes before wimpering and making a strange noise. This noise I have heard from other dogs, but there is no name for it. I have now learned that this is Harley's noise for "pay attention to me" or "I want something".

At 11:00 pm, I got out of bed and on the couch so we did not wake up Drew. Harley just nervously sniffed around the house. I tried to sit on the floor with her and that did not work. She was constantly moving and panting. We went out several times for her to go to the bathroom and she would not go.

Finally at 1 AM, I was so tired and unfortunately, annoyed. I know I should not have been annoyed, but I was. So I put her in the crate we had bought and went to bed. Well at 3 AM, an noise woke me. I didn't know what it was, but it sounded like a dog barking. I told Drew I think Harley is upset. As I opened the door, the house was filled with yelps and barks. I ran to where the crate was and let her out. I felt so bad. I loved on her and gave her treats. She seemed to be OK and really glad she was out of the crate. We settled in the living room and watched TV. On HBO, The Devil Wears Prada was just starting and I had been dying to see. As I stayed up for the next two hours wathcing the movie, Harley finally went to sleep.

On Sunday, I was determined to make her so tired there was no way she would be able to stay awake. We went on 3 15-30 minute walks that day.

Thankfully, she slept throught the night. But then we learned that Harley really should have been named Houdini. She gets out of her crate no matter how we rig it up. Now we have a pad lock on it. She doesn't get out anymore. She just tears up everything in it (any ideas).

The first few days were the roughest for all of us, but after a week Harley fell right into place and into our hearts. I treat her like my baby. I think she is the most beautiful dog and the best dog ever. I brag about her like people do their children. She is the most perfect addition to our family. I will keep ya'll posted about other events that have taken place in her first few months.

Harley bonded with me first, so I am the one she follows around. She is slowly warming up to Drew everyday. She does real well with our friends and even is OK around little kids (but we watch her like a hawk).

If the picture appears it was taken about a week ago.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My adoption story

I like Amanda's idea. I'll go next.
When I lived in Virginia a few years ago, I was walking in a park by Great Falls and saw a man and a dog sitting on a rock. The dog was beautiful and had a very interesting "thing" down his back so I asked the man what breed he was.
Many years later when my new husband and I decided we wanted to get a dog, I remembered the word "ridgeback," Googled it, and started reading as much as I could about RRs. My husband had never seen or heard of one and wanted a Doberman but was open to the idea of a ridgie. We went to visit a breeder (who just happened to have puppies) and ended up buying Tessa who was considered "pet quality" (as opposed to "show quality) because she has an overbite. That was about two and a half years ago. Tessa turned out to be the most wonderful dog and my husband, a first-time dog owner, declared that from now on "nothing but ridgebacks!"
A little over six months ago, we decided that our house was so perfect for dogs that Tessa ought to have company. I'm not really sure how I came across RRUS. I think I was just on the internet looking at pictures of Ridgebacks, breeders and information and the link must have come up somewhere. Of course!!! We MUST get a rescue. When I saw the picture of Zuri, it was literally love at first sight. My husband was a little afraid that he would not love a second dog as much as he loved Tessa. Little did he know...
Six months ago we were accepted to be Zuri's new people. Zuri has captured our hearts like you wouldn't believe. She and Tessa have completely different personalities. Tessa is the "lady" and Zuri is the "tramp." They were both "rejected" -- albeit in different ways. But not by us.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Your Adoption Story

I was just thinking about all the different people and dogs who are on this list, representing a number of states- we all have adopted from RRUS and that is the tie that binds. But how did we all get here? Did someone tell you about RRUS? Were you searching the web and POOF there it was? Did your RR breeder tell you about rescue?

I'll go first.
I had a friend in high school who had a Ridgeback- I had never seen or even heard of the breed. Rex was an awesome dog. We really clicked- they let me house sit when they went on vacation b/c Rex liked me so much and he did not do well at the boarding kennels. Thus began my love affair w/ the BIG BROWN Dogs.

Fast forward: I am out of college, married and wanting to add another dog to the family. I mention to my dog walker that I would really like a Ridgeback but never see any available in the local pounds. She mentions that one of her clients, Evelyn, does Ridgeback Rescue. I can't think of a better way to get a dog than to rescue one. So I called Evelyn- who was the local contact for Ridgeback Rescue of the US. I was asked to fill out an adoption application. Evelyn interviewed me- although I am not sure I remember what I said or what she said. She was fostering Bacari- an ex-puppy mill dog who was quite shy. I got to meet him and eventually was allowed to adopt him. It was a great experience. Evelyn had done so much work to make Bacari more comfortable. I wondered if he would ever want to leave her house- he still lights up when he sees her. He will never forget the kindness she showed him those first few months he was freed from his life of terror.

My RRUS adoption experience was such a good one that I signed up and did it again. This time Roadie was added to our home. I love my RRUS dogs and could not imagine life w/out either of them. They were perfect fits- it's amazing how this rescue group pairs you up w/ the perfect dog.

Here's a pic of the boys doing what they do best- napping and taking up the entire couch! Think they like their new home??


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rescue Store

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to spread the word that the RRUS rescue store has added the Holiday merchandise.

There are Christmas cards and ornaments that feature some of the rescued dogs.

So check it out and see if your dog is famous- my Roadie made a Christmas card.

Happy Shopping,

The "Cat-Converter" and his Ridgies

Barkley and his "being convinced" Sabu:

Barkley the cat taking Cooper's bone; and Barkley getting warm.

And here are two examples of Ridgies with a low prey drive - at least, for Barkley the Cat.
Barkley was so named because he was the only cat I ever knew who did not know he was a cat. My friends called him the "Cat-Converter" because he would convert every cat hater or doubter he met. His personality is bigger than his body, and he would not back down from a charging dog no matter how big or how fast it would be running toward him. He would patiently wait in a sitting position, raise his rear off the ground ever so slightly and JUST before the dog would be on top of him would leap in its face. The dog would lose every time. One summer while I was out in a college language school, Barkley stayed with my parents who did not believe in keeping him inside. They told stories of him watching out the screen door and asking to go outside when he would see roaming dogs or other cats . He would chase the other animals from "his" yard - yet never leave it! Barkley would hunt mice in the house; and carry two baby rabbits home to me in his mouth without harming one of them. Sabu wanted to eat him when he was first adopted, but Barkley seemed to sense that he was just not cat-converted yet: beating him up with batting paws that had wicked sharp claws retracted. Not once did he have to use them on Sabu. Cooper came many years later and tried to put Barkley's whole entire body into his wide old hippopotamus mouth - gently, of course - and Barkley went limp and let the dog pick him up, set him down and then lick him. Morning face washes are a favorite of Barkleys as he washed the dogs' faces in the morning while they are laying in wait outside the restroom. Barkley has also washed his foster puppy's face and played with her like he was a puppy too (Zimba - another RRUS family member!). So. Let's give it up for Barkley and his rescued Ridgies. And thanks, RRUS, for giving him a chance to convert still others who are not convinced that cats too, are the bomb.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wish me luck!!

Hi All,

Duke here. You all have to wish me luck! My girl, Analise, and my mom, Shellie, are going on vacation!! UGH! They'll be gone 10 whole DAYS!!! So it'll just be us BOYS at home - my brother Clifford, and my dad Jim, and me. I really need good vibes, because my dad still makes me a little nervous!!! Any good thoughts will be appreciated!

Thanks - Duke

P.S. At the top is my girl with me - isn't she great?

Monday, October 08, 2007

ShaKarri (AKA Ruby) Update

ShaKarri continues to do wonderfully...
Here she is enjoying the sun while relaxing in the yard.

But of course, no weekend would be complete without a trip to the dog park....
After nearly seven months BuSamba and ShaKarri continue to play as though they have just met :)

Kona and Nala @ the park

Kona (your left) Nala (your right) on thier way to the park.

Nala is adjusting great to her home with Kona. She's a perfect
addition to the family and we love our little girls!
Nala exploring all parts of the park.

-Thanks RRUS... Deric, Lindsay, Kona, and Nala

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Zembwa & Arnie - together forever

Zembwa and Arnie playing together.....

and then crashing together

Yes, did you call my name?

Oh man, not another picture of the two of us!

R&R in the front yard-watching the world go by and keeping our eyes on Mom & Dad

At last a picture by myself-hows this for a smile?

Friday, October 05, 2007

Jasmine from RRUS Adopted 9 / 21 / 07

I am posting on this blog about Jasmine a RRUS rescue Ridgeback I adopted 2 weeks ago. My name is Dave Skier and in my two weeks with Jasmine I am happy to let you know she has progressed greatly. In my initial meeting with Jasmine I was very sorry to see her intense fear of new people and her lack of willing interaction. I took Jasmine with me the first time I met her because I felt she would adjust better to me in a one on one setting, and boy Jasmine is prospering, doing extremely well and progressing at a much quicker rate then I first anticipated she would. When I first brought Jasmine home she did not know how to go down a flight of stairs nor did she understand the concept of releiving herself while on a leash taking a walk. I would say within a couple of days she had mastered these two issues and on to better things. Jasmine is still very scared of a new people especially those that approach her, although she does love all dogs she does approach people in her good time. She is making friends both Dog and Human, and I notice when I come in a room she does wag her tail, she does not walk away from me any longer she does not shy when I reach for her slowly although quick movements still spook her. I would like to extend a personal Thank You to all involved in the saving of this wonderful soul from whatever intolerable situation from which she was rescued. Jasmine is well worth the efforts you put fourth on her behalf, and I appreciate the fact that I as well as Jasmine will benefit from your diligence THANK YOU.
We will keep you posted from time to time and Thank you Again.
Dave & Jasmine

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am LOVED!!!

Doesn't it look like Duke has it rough??

My GIRL loves me!!! And I love her, too!

AHH- This is the LIFE! I highly recommend it!!

Duke and Analise really enjoy cuddling together! A love made in Rescue - THANK YOU!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Attention Wisconsin Adopters

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let all those people who live in or near WI to check out what the state breed club is up to. If you have not heard about RRCOW, check it out at
This is a group of Ridgeback fanciers in the state of WI and surrounding states as well.

They have a neat get-together planned for the first weekend in November. You can find details on the website.

I have to work that weekend or I would load up my crew and head north. For those who get to go, please have a great time and take pics so we can all see.