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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ridgeback Playdate Sept 2010

OK Everyone it's time for another RRUS Reunion/Playdate. Again we are scheduled to go to the Pensacola, Florida dog park on Sept 18th. The plans are to get there around 2 PM. We'd love to see as many former and current RRUS dogs as possible. So far we have Ridgebacks coming from AL, FL, NC, TX and MS!!! Should be a lot of fun. If you can't make it, no worries we'll be sure to post pictures for all to enjoy.

Ridgeback Rodeo 2010

A few Ridgeback fanciers from the South headed up to PA for the annual Ridgeback Rodeo. It also worked out that we were able to transport 2 RRUS foster dogs up from their surrendering home to their foster homes. Sherman and Kassan should be available for adoption soon- both are sweet, young males who just need a forever home!

Here's Kassan strapped in by his seat belt on the long drive from AL to KY where he met his foster mom.We joined many others from all over the USA and Canada at the game preserve in Amish country to try our hand at many different activities. If a Ridgeback can do it, you'll have the opportunity to try it. There was hunting, herding, agility, lure coursing, conformation, and Canine Good Citizen evaluations.

Here's Roadie w/ his favorite aunt, Carol, at a potty stop somewhere in OH.
This is Belinda, Coleman, Logan, Roadie and me at the Lineville, PA spillway. We stopped to check it out. The dogs were a hit w/ the other tourists. One lady even had her picture made w/ the boys!

Here are some the activities that we did. Here's Coleman trying his hand at herding and tracking.
It was wonderful to see so many Ridgebacks in one place. The only place I can think that I have seen more is the RRCUS National Specialty. After the four days of fun, here's how we all felt!

I'd love to make it to the Ridgeback Rodeo every year. While there were a lot of show dogs, many were rescues too. Pedigree didn't matter at the Rodeo- it was all about the breed and having a good time. We had a blast and I would encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

And as a finally a shameless brag- Logan completed his Canine Good Citizen evaluation and also earned his Herding Instinct Certification. So he went to PA as just Logan and came home w/ CGC, HIC behind his name. He is now caught up w/ his brother, Roadie who has the CGC and TDI titles.