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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My goofy pup....

Tori is truly my goofy, funny, crazy, sweet dog. She's a ridgeback, what can ya expect, right? Here are some pictures of her at her goofiest and sweetest. I just had to share them...

Tori with a foster sister, Darcy....

A couple of couch pictures............

Tori meeting her first horse... ...and a friend's house.

And then racing towards me at top speed....(I think she thought I had food.... :))

And then crashing for a nap so she can start all over again... :)

I love you girl...and I'm so glad you are in my life, my heart and my home.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lucy & Rita

Here we have the first meeting of Lucy and Rita and them resting in the dirt after running around like crazy dogs, unfortunately my action shots don't come out so good. Now, I've had Lucy for a year and a half and Rita is my friend Jesse's dog who she's had since she was a puppy. Lucy and Rita are about the same age and same size but have not met until this day. Rita, an unknown mix, does not get along with other dogs with the exception of Brody who is Jesse's mother's dog. She also has some obedience issues. Rita and Brody ( a 100 lb. pitt mix) play very rough and are always trying to dominate each other. Rita got attacked by another dog at a dog park a few years ago and since then has had issues with any other dogs.
Therefore, Jesse was a little afraid for Lucy and Rita to meet even though Lucy is so mellow. When they finally met, it was in my front yard with the dogs on leash and the husbands nearby. Lucy got a little antsy to go after Rita but once both were sitting all was well and they went into the back to chase each other happily. They each munched on ice cubes and drank water side by side. However, when a food treat came out and Jesse held onto it too long Rita decided to go after Lucy and scrated her ear and got a tooth in the back of her neck. From that point on Lucy ignored Rita. It was funniest thing we had every seen. Lucy was sitting with me on the swing and Rita kept coming up to her to apologize, of course, and Lucy would turn her head away. Eventually, Lucy forgave her and they started running around again with no other incident. If Rita got too rough, Lucy would give a little GRRR and she'd back off.
Then, the next day Jesse calls me and tells me that Rita would do the same thing to Brody, when he got too rough playing she would stop and ignore him. It's amazing how one normal, tame, well-behaved dog (being Lucy, lol) can teach another dog how to behave. Not that I'm biased about Lucy being the best dog in the world. : - ) Jesse, also now belives that there is hope for Rita and that she can still turn around and be a well-behaved, gentle dog someday. Now, at least whenever Jesse and her husband come over we can also have a doggy playdate and Lucy has a new friend as long as we keep food out of the picture.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hey Amanda congradulations to Rhody For his A+ he must be so proud. Chloe wanted to show Rhody how she makes herself comfortable on the couch when she is the last one up. We hope this helps.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Roadie Passed

For a quick update- Roadie successfully completed his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exam. He made 100% on the test.

Amanda, Roadie and Bacari- my CGC babies

Beggin'- Roadie's Job

Roadie and Bacari normally share the couch- looking like book ends. Well this particular evening- my husband beat Roadie to his spot. (You'll never get Bacari's spot- he stays on the couch 24/7 except to eat of course) Roadie gets upset and starts to whine, hoping you'll get up and let him have HIS spot. Scott was asleep and did not hear him whine. He then decided to climb up there and insist on his spot. Scott continued to sleep through the commotion.
When that did work for him- he came back down and looked at me as if to ask,
" MMMOOOMMMM- fix this please?"

I hope this makes you smile- it sure brightened my evening. I love my dogs!! Thank you RRUS for adding them to my home. I can't imagine life w/out them.


Cape Cod

The weather was great today for a change so we went for a walk on the Cape Cod Canal. Chloe did a little swimming in the water (very little the water was cold) and Cheyenne watched from far far away! they are both sound asleep on the couch now from all the fun in the sun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Little Rug

Curtis and Morgan usually sqeeze together on the little rug in front of the door. If I was a nice Mom I'd get a bigger rug, but I love to see them lay together in the sun. If Morgan wants the rug to herself she will get a toy and drop it 2 feet from Curtis. Poor guy falls for the bait, gets up for the toy and Morgan steals the rug. Such a smart girl.