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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gus has a new friend!

Marais (the one on the left) is our newest Ridgey. She mellows Gus out quite a bit. She's learning how to play (they think she may have been kenneled up quite a bit). They have so much fun together and it's great that Gus has someone else to play with. The boys love Marais. She's a major cuddler.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hannah Update

Hi, everyone,

Just some new photos of Hannah. We went tot he dog park a week ago and had the chance for her and Cheever to run around and get some exercise. Hannah also stepped on something and is still healing from the hole in her paw and the associated infection, but is back to normal, mostly. In a couple months I'm going to know for sure what breed Cheever is because I'm getting a DNA test for him for my birthday, so that's going to be thrilling.

Here are some photos of Hannah and Cheever playing on the grass and in some deep mud puddles.

Stoneys update 3ed month

My stoney is now 110 lbs of pure love.. he likes the snow - most of all wind blowing in his face.. Now that's a ridgeback couch ? stoney left an razz on right. Its March only had him 3 months it's been fun learning about one another ,an the love this dog gives :) .. Just wanted to share some of this love with all ...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vic Update

Hi Everyone,

Vic has been with us for almost six months now, and she is doing really well!  This Southern lady has become a total Northwest girl--she romped through the snow all winter and now is enjoying the extremely muddy Oregon mountains and parks.  She is a constant joy, always ready for whatever adventure the day brings, and I am convinced that she is the nicest dog ever.  I took her for a hike this afternoon and have attached a couple pictures for everyone (especially Amanda).  


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Truman Update

Truman and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read my last post and especially those that replied to it. Truman is doing great and he is definitely loving farm life. He is also doing very well on his leash when we go for walks, he hardly pulls anymore. He is still shy around other people especially my roommate. We were watching the Syracuse UConn game a couple of nights ago and my roommate got excited and cheered a little too loud for Truman's liking and Truman bolted upstairs. I got him calmed down, but he seems to think that we are a little crazy for getting so excited about a basketball game between 2 teams that we have no connection to. I tried to explain to Truman that its impossible to explain why we get so excited over college basketball in March, I told him it's just boys being boys. I told him I didn't understand why he did some of the things he does but I know he's just being a do so some things are just best left unexplained. I think he accecpted that because he was watching basketball with us again the next night. Actually he is usually sleeping while we watch basketball but he did sit up and watch the TV when I flipped to the Dog Whisperer during a commercial. Apparenly Ceasar's gift with dogs is transferred through the TV. And for those of you that are wondering my Uncle did take down his Christmas lights, he thought it was time with Easter right around the corner. Of course reading the blog may have helped give him a little extra motivation to take them down as well.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Truman's new home

I've never blogged before so we will see how this goes. I adopted Truman on Monday March 2. He is very shy but he is warming up to his new home very quickly. I work on my family's farm and he made a new friend right away with one of the hired hands' dogs. They are becoming quite the pair. Now I am going to get Truman and myself signed up for obedience classes as soon as possible, not that he really needs them, but it will benefit for both of us. Until then we work on walking on the leash everyday and I'm trying to teach him to sit, but he just tilts my hand and looks at me like I'm crazy. I think having the classes help teach me how to teach him will be a big help. The one thing I know is good for both of us is spending a lot of time together and we are definitely doing that. I'm still amazed by the progress we have made in less than a week, when I first picked him up he cowered around me and now he comes to great me when I leave and come back. He also loves sleeping on his big pillow next to me when I watch tv at night, earlier this week he just wanted to be in his crate if he wasn't outside. I am sure that we will be making even more progress as the weeks go by, and the thought of him not wanting to sit will just be a funny memory. Here is a picture of Truman and myself, it was taking at my Aunt and Uncle's house, it was taken on Wednesday, and don't ask me why they still have Christmas lights up. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you didn't read it don't worry about it enjoy the picture. Oh yeah did I mention the Christmas lights are not mine they are my aunt and uncles.